Types of Solar Power Systems

A Solar power system has an electricity generating device commonly known as solar panels, which are mainly on top of a house of building. There are three main types of solar power systems: On-grid solar system, Off-Grid Solar System, Hybrid Solar System. Each type has strengths that determine how they are suitable to your needs.

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On-Grid Solar power System

A grid-tied solar power system is directly connected to the traditional electric utility grid. The electricity you generate using this system is fed back to the grid. A Solar net meter is installed along with this system to measure of the electricity consumed by you versus what you generated and fed back to the grid. When an on-grid solar system is producing more power than the home is consuming, the excess can be sold back to the utility through solar net metering it does not work when the grid is down

Price of On-Grid Solar Power Plant

Capacity Solar Plant Price Price/Watt
1 KW On-Grid solar system Rs 70,000 Rs 70
2 KW On-Grid solar system Rs 1,40,000 Rs 70
3 KW On-Grid solar system Rs 2,00,000 Rs 66
4 KW On-Grid solar system Rs 2,50,000 Rs 62
5 KW On-Grid solar system Rs 3,00,000 Rs 60
6 KW On-Grid solar system Rs 3,70,000 Rs 61
8 KW On-Grid solar system Rs 4,90,000 Rs 61
10 KW On-Grid solar system Rs 5,50,000 Rs 55
15 KW On-Grid solar system Rs 7,80,000 Rs 52
20 KW On-Grid solar system Rs 9,60,000 Rs 48
25 KW On-Grid solar system Rs 11,50,000 Rs 46
30 KW On-Grid Rs 13,50,000 Rs 45
50 KW On-Grid solar system Rs 21,50,000 Rs 43

1kw Grid Tie Solar System
, 2kw Grid Tie Solar System, 3kw Grid Tie Solar System, 4kw Grid Tie Solar System, 5kw Grid Tie Solar System, 6kw Grid Tie Solar System, 8kw Grid Tie Solar System, 10kw Grid Tie Solar System

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Off-Grid Solar power System

An off-grid solar system store the electricity produced by solar panel in batteries and utilize the stored energy by converting it back to AC through inverter as and when required. Especially in high power cut or no grid areas, has resulted in increased demand for such systems. The reduction in battery prices over the years has further brought the system cost down. To protect against shortfalls of power when the solar system is under-producing then an electric source is usually added to the system. The power generated by this system can be consumed as the excess power can’t be sold back to utility or grid department.

Price of Off-Grid Solar Power Plant

Capacity Solar Plant Price Price/Watt
1 KW Off-Grid Rs 90,000 Rs 90
2 KW Off-Grid Rs 1,80,000 Rs 90
3 KW Off-Grid Rs 2,40,000 Rs 80
4 KW Off-Grid Rs 3,40,000 Rs 85
5 KW Off-Grid Rs 4,00,000 Rs 80
6 KW Off-Grid Rs 5,00,000 Rs 83
8 KW Off-Grid Rs 5,80,000 Rs 73
10 KW Off-Grid Rs 6,70,000 Rs 67
15 KW Off-Grid Rs 10,05,000 Rs 67
20 KW Off-Grid Rs 13,40,000 Rs 67
25 KW Off-Grid Rs 16,75,000 Rs 67
30 KW Off-Grid Rs 20,10,000 Rs 67
50 KW Off-Grid Rs 32,50,000 Rs 65

1kw Off-grid Solar System, 2kw Off-Grid Solar System, 3kw Off-Grid Solar System, 4kw Off-Grid Solar System, 5kw Off-Grid Solar System, 6kw Off-Grid Solar System, 8kw Off-Grid Solar System, 10kw Off-Grid Solar System

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Hybrid Solar Power System

A Hybrid solar power system is connected to the main utility power grid and also with battery-backup to the system. The addition of a battery backup enables the load to run even when there is no main grid available or protects against power outages. When solar power production exceeds demand, the excess power can charge the batteries, which store the electricity and when system producing less electricity than the batteries can make up the shortfall. Hybrid solar systems are also connected to the main utility power grid. This enables you to sell power to the grid when there is excess production from solar panels.These systems are more complex to design and install and therefore more expensive.

Price of Hybrid Solar Power Plant

Capacity Solar Plant Price Price/Watt
1 KW Hybrid Rs 1,50,000 Rs 150
2 KW Hybrid Rs 2,40,000 Rs 120
3 KW Hybrid Rs 3,00,000 Rs 100
4 KW Hybrid Rs 4,00,000 Rs 100
5 KW Hybrid Rs 4,50,000 Rs 90
6 KW Hybrid Rs5,40,000 Rs 90
8 KW Hybrid Rs 7,20,000 Rs 90
10 KW Hybrid Rs 8,40,000 Rs 84
15 KW Hybrid Rs 12,60,000 Rs 84
20 KW Hybrid Rs 16,80,000 Rs 84
25 KW Hybrid Rs 20,05,000 Rs 82
30 KW Hybrid Rs 24,00,000 Rs 80
50 KW Hybrid Rs 37,50,000 Rs 75

1kw Hybrid Solar System, 2kw Hybrid Solar System, 3kw Hybrid Solar System, 4kw Hybrid Solar System, 5kw Hybrid Solar System, 6kw Hybrid Solar System, 8kw Hybrid Solar System, 10kw Hybrid Solar System

Other Top Solar Bands in INDIA

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