Luminous Solar Inverter Price In India

Luminous Solar provide you on-grid or grid connected solar inverter as well as off-grid solar inverter. Luminous has wide range of solar products like solar charge controller, solar battery, solar panels, solar retrofits etc.

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Luminous On-grid Solar Inverter Price List

Capacity (KW) Phase Price
Luminous 1 KW Solar Inverter 1 PH 23,000
Luminous 2 KW Solar Inverter 1 PH 26,000
Luminous 3 KW Solar Inverter 1 PH 34,000
Luminous 4 KW Solar Inverter 1 PH 44,000
Luminous 5 KW Solar Inverter 1 PH 46,500
Luminous 6 KW Solar Inverter 3 PH 74,000
Luminous 10 KW Solar Inverter 3 PH 85,000
Luminous 15 KW Solar Inverter 3 PH 1,20,000
Luminous 20 KW Solar Inverter 3 PH 1,30,000
Luminous 25 KW Solar Inverter 3 PH 1,40,000
Luminous 50 KW Solar Inverter 3 PH 2,30,000

The Grid Connected Inverter range from Luminous is available in single phase and three phase in capacities from 1kW to 50 kW.

Luminous Grid Connected Inverter Features:-

  • MPPT Technology to extract up to 30% more power from the panels, minimizing impact of shading and increasing efficiency.
  • Luminous Gid Tie Inverter Disconnects the inverter from grid during power failure preventing any electrical shock to the Electricity linemen at work.
  • Designed to work in tough weather conditions. Flawless operation despite dust, rain or extreme temperature variations.
  • Complies with MNRE recommended standards IEC – 61683, IEC – 60068, IEC – 61000, IEC – 61727, IEC – 62116.
  • Multiple modes of connectivity (GSM/Wi-fi) for remote monitoring
    enables proactive maintenance.

Luminous off-grid Solar Inverter Price List

Model VOLT Price
Luminous Solar Inverter 1KW 48 V 19,500
Luminous Solar Inverter 2KW 48 V 29100
Luminous Solar Inverter 3KW 48 V 31300
Luminous Solar Inverter 6KW 96 V 52,700
Luminous Solar Inverter 7.5KW 120 V 85,800
Luminous  Solar Inverter 10KW 120 V 95,500

The NXT range of Luminous Solar PCUs is the ideal solution for Off-grid applications. Designed to do intelligently optimizes battery charging and power to load among Solar, Battery and Grid power. Available from 1kW to 10kW.
Warranty: 2 Years

Luminous Off-Grid Inverter Features:-

  • Priority settings allow the user to choose among reduced grid dependency & energy savings, enhanced backup and autonomy from grid.
  • Comprehensive protection features include short-circuit, reverse polarity,
    battery over-charge etc.
  • A user friendly display communicates important parameters like discharge
    time, grid availability, selected priority setting etc.
  • Complies with MNRE recommended standards IEC – 61683, IEC – 60068 – 1,2,14,30, IEC – 60529.
  • MPPT Technology extract 30% more power as compared to PWM charge controllers.


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