Microtek Solar Panel Price in India

Microtek International Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1989.Country’s Largest Power Products manufacturer. Microtek India’s Most Preferred Brand has launched ranges of solar PV panels the ultimate source of energy in 2016. Microtek High Conversion Efficiency based on Leading Innovative Photo Voltaic Technologies.

Microtek solar panel price list in india experts gurgaon haryana

Microtek Solar Panel Price List

Model Price Per watt(Rs)
Microtek Solar Panel 50 Watt 2500 50
Microtek Solar Panel 75 Watt 3600 48
Microtek Solar Panel 100 Watt 3800 38
Microtek Solar Panel 150 Watt 5700 38
Microtek Solar Panel 260 Watt 7800 30
Microtek Solar Panel 315 Watt 9450 30
Microtek Solar Panel 320 Watt 9600 30
Microtek Solar Panel 325 Watt 9750 30


  • Microtek solar has highly Classified A-Grade Solar Cells for Lesser Degradation and High Energy.
  • Microtek solar panels are PID Free Modules with Long Term Reliability.
  • Microtek panels are sustaining Heavy Wind and Snow Loads (2400Pa and 5400Pa).
  • Microtek Solar Panel has EVA Encapsulation and Anti Reflection Coating for better Module Protection.
  • Microtek Solar Panels Undergoes Rigorous Quality Control and more than 20 in-house tests, (DH: Damp Heat Test. TC: Thermal Cycling Test. HF: Humidity Freeze Test.).
  • Microtek Solar Panels has heavy duty Anodized Aluminum Frames with pre-drilled holes for Quick Installation.

Advantages of Microtek Solar Panels :-

  • Manufactured with Premium Quality Input Materials for 25 years warranty.
  • Ideally for Off-Grid, On-Grid and Hybrid Solar Power Plants.
  • Micro Crack Free Panels-100% EL Tested Before and After Lamination for better efficiency


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